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For The First Time!

SurfCash.Us introduces a Paid To Click system that features a page rating system...

Why is this important to an advertiser?...

It guarantees that your page is being viewed. Our PTC is rated #1 for quality page views…

Our system is simple: Members must view the page- then rate it- before moving to the next advertisement. 

This ensures you receive quality hits to your site…and
provides you with valuable feedback for your advertising.           
So What Makes This Program So Much More Exciting?

SurfCash.Us was created from scratch…
Totally custom that combines a unique blend of a traffic exchange feel, but a truly amazing Paid To Click experience. And we didn’t stop there!

Every page entered into our system will be hand approved.
This ensures a high quality rotation…
We feel it is very important to offer our advertisers and our members, the best PTC system online.

Our goal is to provide a positive experience for all SurfCash users


Are you looking for higher earnings?

Increased earnings are a standard feature at SurfCash… Free members will be offered the most consistent earnings in the industry. Our minimums are equivalent to other PTC
top ads.

Ungraded members will earn even more! Low Cost yearly upgrades will offer members the best of both worlds. higher earnings and lower payouts.

Our unique features PLUS higher earnings will keep advertisers and members coming back for more. This combination will ensure that the system will work for you.

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